11 October 2006

dan's tour diary for October 7, 2006
I love NY. It was great to see so many old friends and family. Three aunts, one uncle, and five cousins of mine made the trek up to the show from Pennsylvania which was incredibly cool and much appreciated....read the rest of this entry and more in dan's diary.
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adrienne's tour diary for October 7, 2006
Dan and I walked to Pianos from Lisa and Adam's with our guitars and did our soundcheck. I think W had been enjoying some beverages before we arrived. We ate dinner upstairs and I got that tuna avo sandwich - so did G. It was delicious. The first night of tour can be touch and go, and it was tonight, since we weren't using our own drums or amps. From past electricutions, I get a little nervous ab...read the rest of this entry and more in adrienne's diary.
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9 October 2006

chrisg's tour diary for October 9, 2006
It never ceases to amaze me how alive New York City is. It's invigorating, even if you can barely talk. I started coming down with a little cold on the flight from San Francisco, and the show at Piano's on Saturday blew out what remained of my voice. I went through my entire tour's supply of Dayquil on Saturday, so I've resorted to milder remedies since, which mostly includes drinking a bunch o...read the rest of this entry and more in chrisg's diary.
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7 October 2006

We are on tour. New site. How are you?
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9 September 2006

adrienne's tour diary for September 9, 2006
When I moved to San Francisco I opened up the phone book and called a number I found for A. Diaz, hoping it'd be my friend Arthur who I'd heard had moved here from Fresno. No one picked up but the voice on the machine was Arthur's. He told me his band was playing the Bottom of the Hill and I have been going there ever since. Tonight after souncheck we climbed the hill to eat pizza with Thee More ...read the rest of this entry and more in adrienne's diary.
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8 September 2006

Press for the new album is starting to roll in. So far so good. Here is a sample from the SF Weekly:
Great singers magically express your own emotions back to you. This is why Morrissey is so gripping - somehow, the pale Briton's voice sounds exactly like the inner pain of fans worldwide. It's a myserious quality, and Citizens Here and Abroad's Adrienne Robillard has it, especially on the band's new CD, Waving, Not Drowning, on Turn Records. Its first words are "I'm not like them / I'm stranger / It's always the same," and the delicate panic in Robillard's intonation is as familiar as your own low points, but redemptive in a way real life seldom is. Chris Groves' harmony (and sometime lead) vocals form a beautiful falsetto counterpoint to Robillard's whispery alto, while Dan Lowrie's glossy, ringing guitar and Chris Wetherell's clever drums complete the gorgeous CD. This is Smiths- and Joy Division-inspired rock that forgives you your youthful trespasses even as it encourages you commit more. "But still everyone loves you," coo the lyrics for "Deer in the Headlights." Isn't that what you always tell yourself?

-Hiya Swanhuyser (SF Weekly)

1 September 2006

John Swanson of Pacific Noise defied gravity to videotape us playing 'Secret' Wednesday night and you can see it here.

6 July 2006

Over the last month we've been working with Jason Koxvold as he shoots the video for 'Accelerator.' We started in a borrowed Nissan sedan off of 3rd Street in San Francisco and parked by an electrical farm before ending up at a nearly empty bar. The next shoot was in Alameda, the island off of Oakland, on the former military base and then nearby in a dusty lot standing between big rigs and onshore buoys. Some pictures from the shoot are here.

17 May 2006

We are playing the Cafe du Nord in San Francisco on the 31st day of this month with The Heavenly States. And then...big news to come...

5 May 2006

The video for 'You Drive and We'll Listen to Music' is on MTV UK's 120 Minutes.

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