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3 November 2006
Radio Free Silverlake
What does the band's name mean?

It means the same thing as Taking Back Sunday, but our name is pronounced slightly different.
1 March 2006
SF Weekly
...More important, the music is amazing ' tight, innovative, and modeled on the best of early-1990s songwriting, such as Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine...
9 November 2005
LA Times
In the case of Citizens Here and Abroad, Patsavas needed to find the right music to bridge two moments: When Ryan is considering leaving town, and when his girlfriend Marissa discusses her new friend Johnny's part in that decision.
Patsavas chose "Appearances" for "the wistful dreamy quality of the vocals ... coupled with the pensive instrumentation and California lyric."
1 October 2004
Fresno Famous
...Adrienne Robillard, of Citizens Here and Abroad, worked at a Taco Bell on First and Nees before she became an indie rock darling. Famous takes her new album, Ghosts of Tables and Chairs, to that same Taco Bell - to be reviewed by her peers....
1 August 2004
Asian Week
...I was blown away by her performance with Citizens Here and Abroad last month at Hotel Utah - her strength as a frontperson, singing with unassuming, whispery cool with her ever-tighter, ever-more-rocking group...
1 July 2004
Mesh Magazine
...sexless and ageless...
21 June 2004
Sponic Zine
...the band was on...
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