Press - Ghosts of Tables and Chairs

26 September 2005
Pale Bear
"The group mixes dream rock urgency with more playful indie rock..."
20 September 2005
"Aber auch als nicht motorisierter Europ??er muss ich eingestehen, dass "Ghosts of Tables and Chairs" ein guter Soundtrack f??r zielloses Fahren durch die Nacht ist..."
29 June 2005
The Stranger
San Francisco's Citizens Here and Abroad are heartbreaking in the very best way.
27 June 2005
Rough Trade Shops
fresh from a whirlwind tour of the uk here, finally is san francisco's citizens here and abroad's brilliant debut.
1 February 2005
Candy for Bad Children
This remarkably steady debut charmed me with its cohesive, clear vision...
15 October 2004
...What an exceptional debut this is.
1 October 2004
...Thoroughly enjoyable.
30 September 2004
...a friendly bond with this seminal indie record may take some time, but once it's there, it stays...
1 August 2004
...The juxtaposition of Adrienne Robillard and Chris Groves' vocals lends their spiky pop-tinged cleverness an idyllic charm, which grows on you like a particularly virulent strain of mutant moss...
1 August 2004
Tonspion MP3
...Citizens Here And Abroad hatte ich pers??nlich so ein Pudelwohlgef??hl...
15 July 2004
...This is intense rock music, delivering great tunes for the listener....
1 July 2004
Amplifier Magazine
"...the album is both haunting and inviting..."
6 May 2004
Venus Magazine album that instantly speaks to me and beckons me to listen over and over...
1 May 2004
...Smart, literate and brainy...
20 April 2004
...with the tenderness and honesty of an elder sibling, Adrienne Robillard's breathy, plaintive voice takes you in...
16 April 2004
Lost At Sea
...Ghosts of Tables and Chairs proves to be a consolidated pop music tour de force, an early frontrunner for my Best Of 2004 list...
8 April 2004
Reno Gazette-Journal
...a strong contender for one of the year's best indie CDs...
26 March 2004
...Ghosts Of Tables and Chairs is a fantastically consistent, wonderfully dark little pop record...Highly, highly recommended...
20 March 2004
...It's just good, there really isn't any other way to explain it...
15 March 2004
Delusions of Adequacy
...I'm overwhelmed and smitten, and as far as I'm concerned, right now, this is an easy contender for record of the year...
1 March 2004
...Ghosts does not lack for climactic and other feel-good moments...
23 February 2004
Mesh Magazine
This is a band that crafts songs right.
7 January 2004
SF Weekly
...Citizens' weighty self-dubbing is more than validated by the music it creates on Ghosts.
7 January 2004
SF Bay Guardian
Catchy guitar lines and dynamic shifts between slow, hushed beginnings and orchestral crescendos give Ghosts plenty of drama...
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